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Tips for becoming an up-and-coming DJ

TbLab | 10 Novembre 2017

Here are some tips for becoming an up-and-coming DJ:

1. Learn the basics: It may seem obvious, but learning the basics of music and mixing is essential to becoming a DJ. Therefore, look for online training courses or tutorials to learn music theory, mixing techniques, and how to use DJ equipment.

2. Practice: Practice is the key to improvement. Once you have learned the basics, start playing music and creating mixtapes. Try to perform regularly at small events and clubs so you can test your skills and gain experience.

3. Develop your image: Your style and image as a DJ are very important. Try to develop a unique and consistent image that can help the audience recognize you.

4. Choose a music genre: Concentrate your repertoire of music on one or two genres. In this way, you will be able to create a consistent and authentic musical experience for your audience.

5. Build a community: Building a community of fans is crucial to becoming an emerging DJ. Use social media to promote your music, create a page dedicated to your DJ business, and interact with your audience.

6. Be flexible: As an emerging DJ, you may have to play at different occasions and adapt to the audience. Be open to playing clubs, house parties, private events and even weddings.

7. Be hungry for new opportunities: The music world is competitive, but staying hungry for new opportunities will help you grow. Try to build strong relationships with promoters, event planners and other DJs.

8. Maintain good work ethic: Good professional relationships are vital. Maintain a professional and respectful attitude with everyone you work with.

9. Be patient and persistent: A career as a DJ can be difficult and time-consuming. To become a successful DJ, you must be patient, persevering and keep improving your skills and public presence.

10. Have a musical identity: Finally, to emerge as a DJ, you need to develop your own musical identity. Explore new genres of music, play your favorite music, create your own remixes, and don’t be afraid to experiment!

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